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Vision Therapy and Contact Lens Centre

Problem-solving Optometrist

Behavioural Optometrist and Contact Lens Expert
Gedalya Shindler BSc (Hons) MCOptom FOVDR


At Shindler Insight, my goal is to provide the highest level of eye care possible. I am committed to providing astute and thoughtful insights into your visual needs. The study and practice of new and old techniques to solve problems with sight was borne out of frustration with the limitations of "traditional" methods espoused by standard optometric training; further study has enabled me to truly care for my patients to a more satisfactory level, but the learning never ceases...

I specialise in special eyes...

Expert impartial eye exams


Are you uncomfortable with your latest spectacle prescription? 


Come for an eye exam with an optometrist who thinks differently!


What you find depends on what you look for. Gedalya Shindler has an approach for prescribing carefully balanced spectacle lenses for maximum visual comfort.


He also has no financial interest in any optical retail outfit, so you can be assured of an unbiased outcome.

  Do you suffer from...


  • Double vision when reading

  • Double vision looking into the distance

  • Blurred vision when reading

  • Pain/ache inside the eye

  • Skipping or repeating words or lines when reading

  • Difficulty copying from the board

  • Poor reading comprehension

  • A tendency to read things more than once before taking it in

  • A tendency to read things more than once before taking it in

  • Words move on the page

  • Headache associated with near visual tasks

  • Dizzyness or travel sickness

  • Poor depth perception /spatial awareness



Contact Lenses and control of short sight (myopia)


Many people ask what they can do to stop their short sight worsening. Most Optometrists and Ophthalmologists would shrug their shoulders and prescribe more glasses.


However, there is plenty of research from around the globe which proves that certain specially designed contact lenses can slow down the progression by 50%!


By using the most advanced corneal mapping software on the market, Gedalya can custom design contact lenses which you wear overnight. Whilst you are sleeping your cornea is reshaped and you can see well throughout the day without requiring the assistance of spectacles or contact lenses, a process known as Ortho-Keratology, or Ortho-K


At the same time, it has been proven that these contact lenses slow down further progression of short sight (if you stopped wearing them after some years, you would not be as short sighted as would have been projected if you had not been wearing these contact lenses)

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