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Vision Therapy and Contact Lens Centre

Testimonials from professionals of other disciplines:

From a Harley Street based Educational Psychologist

"I am a SENDCo in a large and vibrant school, having  worked with primary aged children for nearly 20 years. I have a special interest in working with children with reading and spelling dificulties. I recently became particularly interested in the impact children's visual abilities have on their reading and spelling development. For example, I noticed children reading slowly, becoming tired quickly and poor abilities in the spelling of irregular words (therefore not explained by a phonological weakness). I noticed children opting out of reading or writing in a way that could only be explained by something happening visually.


However, on meeting Gedalya and seeing how he worked, I began to see the incredible impact his work had, correcting the functionality and behaviour of the eyes and the impact this had on children's education. After treatment children were able to read for pleasure, read with accuracy and speed, spell more accurately and enjoy these visual exercises with automaticity rather than labouring over them.


Having seen this, I took my own daughter for a course of sessions, as she constantly complained of headaches and exhaustion when reading. Within 3 months the effects were quite incredible. Now she reads and writes without thinking about it - she has become a complete bookworm! I can honestly say that Gedalya's work changed her life.


I highly recommend a visit to Gedalya, particularly if your child is experiencing difficulties with aspects of their learning such as reading, spelling or writing. The effects of his work can be profound."


Mrs A Tuckey, London   

From a school Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Coordinator

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gedalya over a number of years whilst he was in his London practice. He assessed many children under my care, and his assessment and advice was always extremely reliable and valuable. 


Gedalya is extremely committed to his profession and I would like to take this opportunity to recommend his services and wish him every success in Israel."


Jodi Kelly

Specialist Literacy Practitioner 

Spellit Speech, Language and Literacy Clinic

From a Specialist Literacy Tutor
From previous employer in UK and contact lens expert
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